If there’s one insect that I cannot get myself to looking at or even being around is a cockroach. I mean, I’m yet to meet someone who is comfortable being around one, everyone I know runs behind them just to kill them. (all those cockroach killers, I am with you) It is the peak of […]

Melting times

It’s never happened before, but today morning the Butter and the Cheese kept on the breakfast table melted… What’s with the heat? No wonder I’ve been acting weird of late and losing my cool. Drinking cold water does not help, nor does pouring it on your head work. The heat has got to me finally! […]

36 degress in GOA!

Dear Sun, What the FUCK is wrong with seriously! It’s not funny anymore! You have already proved to us that you are the hottest thing going around in Goa…we all admit it. Now at least can you cut down on the heat? Please stop showing off. It’s getting unbearable. Signed, A sweaty Goan.