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If there’s one insect that I cannot get myself to looking at or even being around is a cockroach. I mean, I’m yet to meet someone who is comfortable being around one, everyone I know runs behind them just to kill them. (all those cockroach killers, I am with you)

It is the peak of summer (month of May) and I guess its not only us, human beings that are feeling hot but animals and well.. insects too, certainly that cockroach was…he decided to come out for a stroll and that’s when we locked eyes for a second.. as as a natural thing I would do in such a scenario – I screamed ‘cockroach…cockroach’ ..the bloody ballsy character that the cockroach was, didn’t move one bit and stood there, as if challenging me and saying “call anyone you want, I’m going nowhere” I called everyone possible at home, mum, dad, sister. There was no way I was going to kill it, I wanted to run away as far as possible…but I needed to keep an eye on its movements by the time someone else in the house came with a slipper.

Mom came, sister came too… and where was I? somewhere in the corner doling out instructions “there…there… behind the paper…. its running..kill…kill” etc.. Dad, by now used to these situations, didn’t react much and continued what he was doing.

End result, after a hot chase, slipper in hand, we (as in mom, sis combined and myself from the corner) caught the fellow and hit him thrice. Mission accomplished. I was a relived man. My sis looking at me said “you’re a scary pot” she could say anything she wanted really and I’d accept, as long as she got rid of the enemy.

Now you must know one thing about me, I’m not really scared of much in life, even if death came knocking at my doorstep, I’d accept it, but a cockroach-is a whole different story! My dad’s told me several times “Be a Man!” but when it comes to killing a cockroach, you can call me what you want… but I am not going anywhere close to it…eeks! I could gather some guts and kill a baby cockroach..but that’s the best I can do-nothing more. Don’t even talk about flying ones..

I believe there are a couple of movies made in Hollywood that have cockroach (es) as the main theme…eww! Who does that? Its just gross. I know there are definitely two films I’d never watch, ‘Cockraoch’ and ‘Joe’s Apartment’ (however funny they might make it) It is so NOT COOL, the latter of which I have downloaded but can’t get myself to watching.. it just creeps me out.

There is a good reason I haven’t put up an actual color picture of a cockroach here, a drawing is the best I could come up with (courtesy:Google). Yes, not even a picture.

Melting times

It’s never happened before, but today morning the Butter and the Cheese kept on the breakfast table melted…

What’s with the heat?

No wonder I’ve been acting weird of late and losing my cool. Drinking cold water does not help, nor does pouring it on your head work. The heat has got to me finally! I am a total different person in the summer, the kind of person you really wouldn’t like to piss off, unless of course if I’m in a/c conditions then I wouldn’t react to the annoyance 😉

Anything melting in your houses? What are you doing to keep yourselves cool?

36 degress in GOA!


Dear Sun,

What the FUCK is wrong with you..like seriously! It’s not funny anymore! You have already proved to us that you are the hottest thing going around in Goa…we all admit it. Now at least can you cut down on the heat?

Please stop showing off. It’s getting unbearable.

A sweaty Goan.