Review: ‘Annabelle: Creation’

Annabelle: Creation has all that we are used to seeing, A desolate house, child/children, a mysterious woman behind the curtain, a forbidden door, a scarecrow, a basement, a lift hidden behind a wall, a well, and this one had lots of dolls.

Surpised!? Don’t be.. read on

The Horror (or was it more of mystery/thriller) genre has always intrigued me, be it in the form of books, movies or a TV show. I mean who doesn’t like to enjoy being creeped out from time to time. That said, the Horror/Mystery/Thriller genre should be only shown in 3D and above, it just makes the spooky.. spookier and the creepy.. creepier – that’s all!

Hollywood – Please grow up. How long will you try scaring people with dolls, paranormal activity, Haunted houses and possessed people?

So, I watched the movie Annabelle at the INOX theater earlier today. I wouldn’t say I was scared or even in the least bit moved, but I did smile a lot during the movie (more so by the reactions of the people seated around me-who were all students [surprisingly for a morning show]) and was overall amused by what I saw in the 1h 40m of movie time.

The synopsis of the story which goes like this..
A group of orphaned girls are taken in by a doll maker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto), who are still grieving the death of their daughter. However, they are soon terrorized by a haunted doll that’s lurking within the couple’s house.

If you think you’ll be spooked out throughout the movie, you’ll be in for a disappointment, simply because it all seems to die down post intermission, which is so not cool. We all know, its all going to end well.. but at least give us some good scary scenes! ‘The doll’ being the main object in the film, doesn’t even look all that pretty. Who keeps a doll like that!?

The next time I decide on going to watch a movie in the horror genre, I need to ask myself.. am I going to expect something new? or the same old thing?

That said.. I might just still go ahead and watch it. Visual Effects Character Performance

Go and watch the film, if you’re a fan of the Conjuring series.

Run Run for your life!!!

Run Ruth…run…run…run.. Run for your life!!! She woke up in a sweat & shaking hands. This was now the third time in the week. The strange thing was that the dream felt so real.

The narrow road leading to the butcher’s shop with the overhead sun shining bright, sweat dripping off her body, shaking hands heavy breathing and tired legs. The butchers knife in his hand..the murderous look and her running…

When she woke up, she felt paralyzed, As she tried to walk out of her bed to the bathroom she fell down once and again and again and again. She finally made it with a lot of difficulty. She couldn’t make it down the stairs for breakfast, going to work was out of the question.

Ruth herself did not know what to make of her strange condition. The last time she went out of the house, she was found in an unconscious state at the gates of the town’s graveyard. How she reached there is still a mystery. The only camera which was facing the entrance of the graveyard from the diagonally opposite shop, showed her getting down from a fairly large black car at 11.55pm at night and nothing after that.

What would a perfectly sane girl be doing at the entrance of a graveyard at that time was debatable. 

Could that have anything to do with what was happening with Ruth? The police were able to get the vehicle no with the help of the camera footage which read 666 with a Chinese kind of symbol prefixing it. All the more strange was that a car that did not even belong to the country was found roaming openly on the streets.

Someone surely had to see the car…as they began making inquiries around.