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Fancy a journey on the Tejas Express?

Everyone’s talking of the latest train on the scene in India “TheTejas Express” (to ply between Mumbai and Goa [Upto Karmali station as of now]) but what do you know – even before the train could start it’s maiden journey, it was damaged..the glass window of which was found cracked.

It definitely isn’t a common man’s train – check out the fares below:

Tejas Express’s executive class fare is Rs 2,940 (with food) and Rs 2,540 (without food), and for AC chair car the fare has been fixed at Rs 1,850 (with food) and Rs 1,220 (without food)

Isn’t that a little too much to spend on a trip – per person? That way the Jan Shatabdi is much cheaper and takes around the same time or an hour or more to reach Goa (i.e Madgaon station instead of Karmali)

Automatic sliding windows, a coffee vending machine, an LCD screen and WiFi..Indians don’t need luxuries, basic cleanliness will do. So, No Thank You, I’d rather take a flight.. at least there we’d get to see some pretty air-hostesses if nothing more.

It is simple..The Railways..logo ko chutiya bana rahe hai…

Find some of the comments below, that Indians have made on various platforms regarding the new train.

— >”govt is doing more than enough for people.. It’s just people need to cooperate and maintain the cleanliness and wealth of train.. I think to achieve this, strict rule need to be made. Otherwise people will litter all around [well said]

— > [referring to the LCD screens behind each seat] “kya is screen pe modiji ki speech chalegi?”

— >”Give it a week, All the fancy stuff will get stolen, bathrooms clogged, seats ripped, Touchscreens damaged. Everyone knows what happened to the Gatimaan Express. Its not that the Govt is not doing anything, its the public who think they have the right to deface public property and then blame the govt. My advice to the railways: Impose unconditional hefty fine or even jail for violators” [the harsh reality]

— > [during the journey] “sirf ek announcement hoga, train ki WiFi service uplablad nahi hai kripya agli bar try kare

— >”Aaj kaal ke chutiye Modi ko baadnam hi karne me lage hai. Kuch kiya to bhi kyu kiya ,nahi kiya to kyu nahi kiya .Mr modi ko 5 Saal to pm rahne do, saalo adhi jindagi khatam ho gayi kuch naya iss desh me hua nahi abhi ho raha hai to uspe bhi ungli karte ho” [clearly a PM Modi fan]

As we all have an opinion about everything that happens in our country, people will talk and then forget and life will go on. I hope to write a similar post on the ‘Tejas Express’, 2/3 years down the line, when the train is not so new anymore. At least one thing we can expect is, considering the route the train is plying on – we can hope the train remains clean.

I love travelling by train, but even for me.. the fare of the journey is a little too much. I’m yet to travel on the 11085||Mumbai LTT-Madgaon AC Double Decker train, so a journey on the Tejas isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

P.S: Expect a few selfies to be taken with the train on social media..

‘place’ of birth

“I’m Goan”

“No you’re not..you were born in Kolkata”

“I’m still Goan”

“That is ridiculous, your birth certificate clearly shows – Place of Birth is Kolkata”

“I was conceived in Goa”

“O’ Boy! Then in that case, I should be an employee of the Indian Railways”

“Really? Which train?” 😜😝

Indian Railways – Bringing people together 

Btw another favorite movie of mine ‘Jab we met’

Yes people, love does happen on Indian train journeys. An Indian train journey is just not about getting you from one place to another, its meeting people, sharing food, making new friends and falling in love too. #FrequentTraveller

Why Trains? I ask Why not?

I love when its all green..

We have always perceived India’s train journeys to be a revelation of sorts. The chaos, the people, the sheer pandemonium that ensues from the depths of the station itself are enough to make you want to whip out your pen and paper to write down everything you see.

To state a simple example:
~*~ The train enters the platform and stops, the passengers who need to get in will crowd around the door of the train…for pete’s sake, let the passengers in the train get down first…but NO! That’s just our way! We want to get in first! Don’t even talk about general compartments! It’s a nightmare ..the few times I had to travel in the general compartment, I sat at the door..barely enough place to place my arse among people’s legs. It’s dangerous…but then what is life without the risks!?

I’ll admit, travelling by train may not be a walk in the park for Indians (let alone the firangs), but what you get to see during your course of travel here is something you will never experience in any other country! Of course, there are several other benefits too

Self Clicked on a journey to Bangalore

Coming up close with the Real Indian…

Every train passenger must know at least two languages to survive journeys on the Indian Railways. Hindi, works most of the time, else (broken) English. You’re blessed if you are to get someone who speaks grammatically correct English. Its like one big family, you are up close with another Indian, their stories become you’re stories and vice versa. Lots of fun …people who don’t know to laugh, you will learn to laugh at the most stupidest jokes.

Sleeping like a baby on the hard berths (they are not all that soft)

Maybe it is the chug of the train or the rhythmic clocking of the wheels, people have almost always had a very peaceful experience sleeping on trains.

Having Insomnia problems, try a train journey, it might help! I have come across a few people who have overshot their stations, other passengers who will irritatingly ask
you ‘which station’ every time the train stops.

Food and the aroma of different cuisines

Indians love eating and if possible they would carry their stoves to cook in trains too (if allowed). Indians love sharing food, whether its a biscuit or a wafer or a chapati. We might not understand each others language but food is something that brings Indians together.
You don’t ask people to share their food with you, be kind to accept if they do. Make sure you return the favor, if you don’t have anything with you, at least buy them a cup of coffee/tea.

Walking around, socializing

Walk around, meet people. Who knows you might know someone travelling by the same train, make connections. You might meet your future wife/husband on a journey. Trains are the best places where love stories start, don’t believe me? Look at the number of Bollywood films made aboard trains or involving trains…trains and love have a definite connection.

No train journey is complete without chai and coffee
…and in the musical way they go about it. The hawkers familiar style of saying ‘chaiiii’ ‘coffee coffee coffee‘ or ‘samosaiiis’ in the nasal tone always brings a smile to the face. Always!

Natural beauty…
Rivers, waterfalls, hills…if you’re a nature lover, then a train journey is an experience. For those travelling to or from Goa, (that would be me 😉 ) you will be lucky enough to pass by the beautiful Dudhasagar waterfalls, and the landscapes are simply amazing. People also screaming in tunnels…I don’t understand why, some thrill to it?

Wallet friendly
It is relatively cheaper than other modes of transport. Getting yourself a confirmed ticket is a task…but that again is an adventure by itself. You wanna go to the railway station and book your ticket, the people, the chaos and the fact that you have to stand in line, sweat it out and make small talk with fellow other passengers, crack a few jokes and talk about how inefficient the man/woman at the counter is…“he’s/she’s so slow, I could do a better job that him/her”

You can still catch a train on the move!
Unlike a plane…you still catch a train while on the move, its not advisable but then its not impossible…if you’re a good sprinter and carrying light baggage. If Kajol (in DDLJ) & Deepika (in Chennai Express) can run on the platform to catch their train…so can you!

Things to do on a train
With almost NO NETWORK on the journey, its time to catch up on a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Time to look at your co-passengers and smile, where do we have the time to do that otherwise in our so called busy lives. How long can you remain quiet, engage in small talk, you never know how much you might have in common with a fellow passenger.

Love for the TOP BERTH
Undisturbed privacy. While other fight over the other berths, we watch them from above…and enjoy the action. We all do it…!

Trains are like second home to me, I make myself comfortable while traveling 🙂 It does have to be a confirmed ticket tho’, else I’d prefer NOT TO TRAVEL.

How many times have we seen this?

So when is your next journey? Mine maybe be in 2 days…