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Re-think your text…

When you aren’t sure of what message you want to type out… Pause… Think… Type… and then Send. That’s the way it should be done.


What is ‘This message was deleted’ supposed to mean?. You either  send a message or not.. why the second thought? The above image was an actual conversation which took place.

There would have to be a very good reason that the messages were deleted before I could read them, the best part being it just wasn’t one but 6 messages. Like seriously!? She has gotta be one dumb female! Or surely an indecisive one.  

This has got to be the worst new feature that whatsapp could have come out with.

Parents & Android phones

There can be no better love story, than that of Parents & Android phones

Imagine this scenario; Your parents call you for a Mobile Phone related Emergency (it could be anything from not being able to find a photo to the mobile not responding) and you are busy in another room doing your own thing (important to you) or you could simply be having a shower. And you’re like “What now?” You find yourself giving out instructions, when which followed leads to something else all together. Something like this picture below..


..and its all our fault.

The next time you’re called for a mobile phone related emergency, DO NOT GIVE INSTRUCTIONS, I repeat do not give instructions – you STOP everything you’re doing and just RUN 

And then there are a few other things that happen quite magically, which can also be put under the category of mobile phone related emergencies, that includes:

(a) The volume control goes from high to low to mute and they end up speaking loud on the phone.. “I cannot hear you, can you speak a little louder..hello.. heLLO..HELLO…” now the whole neighborhood can hear you, not just the person on the other side of the phone #phoneVolumeIssues

(b) Icons disappearing/other icons pop up on the home screen. They cannot find the whatsapp icon.. “my whatsapp is gone” No mom, it isn’t gone.. its there, its just a shortcut. The word ‘shortcut’ does not register in her mind. For NOW she is just happy that whatsapp is back..

(c) “Put the number on the whatsapp side” Request. ..now how does one explain that? A saved contact automatically becomes a whatsapp contact if the subscriber is on the app. But sometimes its easier to just do it for them.

(d) ‘Facebook not responding’.. well!! Facebook just died. The solution is simple.. just click on okay and try again, if it doesn’t work then re-start the phone. We Indians deserve a prize for inventing the ‘one stop solution’ of restarting the phone for any of our phone related issues.

(e) ..and of course the one of STORAGE FULL. Oh yes..if you’re going to download & open every video and image people send, you are bound to run out of storage space. The message on your phone now displays ‘unable to receive new messages’ and its NOW time to delete (..but by that time they are already attached to the videos and its a little hard to let go) They go about picking and choosing the not-so-good-don’t-mind-deleting videos. After some time,

“how many more videos to delete?”

“As much it takes to free up space I guess..”

There are plenty of more mobile phone related emergencies that crop up on a daily basis ..or simply new ones we’ve never heard of. Can you add to this list?


.For Laughs. Can’t get any better!

By far the most hilarious forward received on whatsapp till date

Socio Economic Classification – Simplified version

Lower class – Biskut
Middle class – Biskit
Upper class – Cookies


Lower class – Roomal
Middle class – Hankie
Upper class – Kerchief


Lower class – tamaatar
Middle class – Ta’may’to
Upper class – Toh’mah’toh


Lower class – Sauce
Middle class – Ketchup
Upper Class – Toh’mah’toh Condiment


Lower class – Lifafa
Middle class – En’ve’lope
Upper class – On’vo’lup


Lower class – Nimbu Paani/Shikanji
Middle class – Lemonade
Upper class – Virgin Mojito


Lower class – “Paint”
Middle class – Jeans
Upper class – Denims


Lower class – Chasma
Middle class – Goggles
Upper class – Shades


Lower class – chaddi
Middle class – lingery
Upper class – lawn-juh-Ray

Lower class : Abbé pintu, do cutting chai leke aa
Middle class : Can I have two cups of tea.
Upper class : May I have two lattes please. Regular.

Go ahead! Have a few laughs! 😂😂😂 I did..share it! Makes others laugh too. I may still be lingering in the ‘Middle zone’ somewhere.

lawn-juh-Ray 😂😂😂😂😂😂  gawd! cracked me up!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 

Decoding emoticons – Whatsapp powered

So, we all use whatsapp and the possibilities of you using emoticons along with your messages are very high, we all use ’em..but do we use them correctly? We all have our hidden meanings behind the emoticons we use (besides for what it is actually meant for) ..lets go through a few of them..what say?

..and it’s also a fact that Guys and Girls use emoticons differently, depending on situation and current mood of course. A girl may be on her period and you can bet she won’t be sending you smiley emoticons..  [okay! I was kidding]

I use a whole lot of emoticons during chats, primarily because I chat a lot with the opposite sex..and they love chats to be colorful, so emoticons and lots of ’em

My favorite would be mostused_whatsapp_emoticons_hashslush2 (this is supposed to be just a smile ryt?) I’d use this..when I really don’t know what to say and a smiley kinda does it..

 next is ‘the wink’ (a wink? I’m confused  when to use it, maybe to indicate I’m kidding) Not really! I use it when I’m actually typing something but I have something naughty brewing in my mind.

 this of course is supposed to me (‘I’m thinking’! maybe a little confused too) but all I’m trying to say thru this emo is “what the eff did she just say, I didn’t understand..please simplify/break it down for me. Girls can get very technical sometimes when talking about things they like..

(Irritated maybe!? or I’m not amused at all) SIDE EYE ~ the unfriendly emoticon ~ Used by females a lot.. and they won’t even explain why they’ve used it, that’s left for the guy to find out. Clearly the guy has said something wrong!

kiss (this is self explanatory) I use this when I genuinely wish to give a hug and a kiss.. don’t think there’s an emo for a hug, so for me – it says that ‘for whatever you’ve just said or made me feel, you deserve a hug and a tight peck on the cheek kiss (if I was there with you right now, that’s what I would do..)

Can someone tell me what this emo means?2.Never used it..

angryI’m not really angry but I could be.. that would be my version. Not sure what it is supposed to mean? Maybe I’m just angry?

Use this one quite frequently  Not sure why! ..coz I wanna portray myself as a saint maybe! Always with the halo over my head

Okay, I’ll have to admit.. I’m not really laughing as hard as the emo suggests. I think people tend to overdo this emoticon.. I mean why use it like this? I mean like really!! how much are you laughing??

Lastly, what’s this emo supposed to mean? I’m cool? I’m a dude? or that its just sunny and I need to wear sunglasses?

Until very recently I thought  meant ‘waving a hand/saying bye’ but then after a very interesting whatsapp conversation with a friend, she asked me if I wanted to spank her.. well that opened up a whole new conversation 

There are just way too many emoticons on whatsapp, I don’t think I’ve even used 50% of them..and then you have the dudes behind the whatsapp app, adding more with every update! Like seriously! They’ve almost covered every emotion.. and things you might want to say using a word, with an emoticon – what’s left?

My appeal to you all is:

Don’t restrict your life to a couple of emoticons..get out there and have your say!  




WhatsApp Update

 There maybe a lot of people who hate the new whatsapp update..but right now I am more concerned about this headline I read about an article related to the update on the Internet.


There is something awfully wrong in the above sentence. The verb ‘hate’ cannot be used in the ‘ing form’. People should at least know basic English before posting news on the Internet.  

This makes me sad.

What has the standard of English dropped to? If one cannot know what verb to use in what form, they have absolutely no right to be publishing articles on the net or anywhere for that matter.  

Coming back to the whatsapp update, I should be thankful enough that my phone doesn’t have enough space to update its apps. I’ve just made enough space for it to update the WordPress app, which is good enough for me 🙂 So while the whole world is going bonkers on the new whatsapp update, it really doesn’t affect me much. I don’t think WhatsApp will do a back roll on its latest update, a good time to get off WhatsApp maybe?

R u on Whatsapp?

Of course, you are. Is that even a question? Everybody is, or at least everybody with a phone that supports the app is.

So what is Whatsapp? Stupid question I know…we all know it is a chatting application that can be installed on phones.

The very reason that people have forgotten how to talk to each other and prefer looking into their phones every now-and-then to check if they’ve received a new message
or not  We are living in an era where if you don’t own an android phone, you are looked down upon…the bigger the phone, the cooler you are.

The way I see it, whatsapp is all about competition
~ having the best display pic
~ the catchiest status update
along with all the useless activity of forwarding videos, messages and audio clips, and  the most annoying part of it all is when people have to wish each other Good Morning & Good Night, they’ll send across images.. the same thing which can be typed out – just 2 words or if very lazy 2 letters at the bare minimum (gm/gn)

People are buying bigger capacity memory cards to accommodate forwarded videos, audio clips and images send thru whatsapp. What are people collecting all this for? Format your phone once in a while…all that crap is gonna come back anyways and besides that most of the forwarded messages are hoax – don’t tell me you actually believe all that you read!

Don’t give whatsapp undue importance, it just screws up with your mind and in the process screwing others minds up as well by forwarding the garbage you receive. One thing I have failed to understand is that everybody on whatsapp wants to create a group…a school batch group or maybe a college group, a work group..some group or the other. Its not that they are discussing anything special on those groups, its just another place to forward videos and silly (sometimes non veg) msgs to and gossip…and boys can gossip-oh yes! even better than their women counterparts.

What a waste! whatsapp is a WASTE


Whatsapp Era

He confessed “I love you”

Blue ticks untitled

He texted back again “…and You?”

A single grey tick  untitledgave him his answer.