Proud to be a woman? Are you?

So yesterday was International Women’s Day. An answer I’ve always wanted to knowzzzz.jpg was, Do women actually feel proud to be women? Do they feel special on a day dedicated especially to them? Or is just like any another day? What’s it to be a woman? I needed answers not because it gives me chance to create another blog post (that too…) but more so because there could be no better topic for men to talk about than ‘women’, well ‘sex’ too… but then I guess in many ways, both of them are related.

As early as 6.30 I started sending out messages to all the girls/women I knew, wishing them on ‘their day’ with the following message…

Happy International Women’s Day, it must be pretty amazing being a woman ryt?

You know how sometimes a simple question like that can spark more than a few lines of a response… some did while others had to be asked an extra question “What does it feel to be a woman?” I must say the replies did make me smile, considering I know so many different kinds of women. While some of them replied in a few words, others went more the paragraph way. Brace yourself to reading some of the answers I got.

The very first of course was a total shocker! I was like 

“I wish I could be a boy, it’s stupid, bullshit to be a woman” – Yes ma’am, I’d like to know more… over a cup of coffee 😝

Another friend of mine… real ballsy character, she has to say “One word.. in India – Oppressed. The very fact that we have a special day to remember us, is saying a lot about the state of women. Not only here. All over the world” – I would say I agree with her.

“I feel proud of being reproduced, feel strong even after being judged, feel happy that we work equally to guys” – signs of the changing woman attitude? Bodes well for the future!

“Being a woman…
Growing up there wasn’t any difference thanks to my upbringing yes except my night outs were thoroughly interviewed b4 getting approved
Dating was fun all d attention
After marriage reality starts to sink in.
Husbands lifestyle friends and family is now mine. And my real family friends take d back seat…
after childbirth (the greatest responsibility of all) husband. Lifestyle. Family take d back seat and the ones on backseat go further. Except for the immediate family… who come back in the front seat to help out.
womens-stagesThere is always a choice but sometimes being a woman it’s best to accept and enjoy the privileges of being a woman…
You’re the ‘go-to’ person for your children just by giving birth to them. Whereas the fathers have to make a real effort to be on par with the mothers. Just the sound of mom’s heartbeat or the breath or even hearing my voice wud pacify my crying babies… what a blessing. And being a woman the amount of physical and mental and emotional strength u have surprises u. – Talk of a woman’s journey, beautifully expressed! I appreciate the time my friend took to type this all out, considering we’re living in such a busy world.

It must be pretty amazing being a woman right? “Not always…! But we have our perks😄” 

“I wouldn’t know if it’s being a woman or being alive. I haven’t experienced being alive as the other gender. It’s amazing being alive though! I’m not for all the gender stereotypes. I think men and women both have their roles to play and both genders have to overcome hurdles. Women don’t do anything great to have a day to celebrate.

Traits should be celebrated instead. Determination day- Share a story or 2 of your friend showing applaudable determination. Wouldn’t that encourage people to get aligned rather than just celebrating women’s day?

There are so many women that feel great on this day just to be women. Such a false sense of satisfaction to nothing achieved. I don’t think these days are planned right at all.😋

  Something to think about I guess. Now that’s my kind of woman! Such strong thoughts. Pity that she’s married already 😝 

“Don’t know Sav.. never been anything else before” – She’s got a point there! 😝🤪😂🤣 What she said next just floored me “If I have to put it in one line I’d say to feel like a woman is to feel every adjective that’s ever written on every language across the world at any given point in time or maybe sometimes at a single point” – I really didn’t know what to say to that.. that is probably the best sentence I’ve read to date, easily!

“Wo+ men combination of the two makes a complete word ..the latter, of course, follows the former …n that’s what being a woman is, let the men literally follow you as an example!

klWoo +man is a complete another example when a man is wooed by you…he should be wooed by a what a rockstar you are in yourself, a spectacular example of simple yet with a great sense of style, enveloping the true virtues n values which in my terms mean fire in heart n sparkle in the eyes ,all set on your goals like the fisheye for lord Arjuna ,that is what the essence of a modern women is in this free country .. where are woes of man are much more than they woo a woman in terms of the personality she carries..a woman can fly but fly as long as she is flying equal to them ..the moment she rises higher, above n over ..the woes begin and the wooing ends there!

Being a women is empowering in itself..
a creator of life ,a nurturer, a boon balancing artist all her life in the ways she juggles with life…she is a true juggler ,we keeping everything safe even when its up in the air she knows she is gonna catch it right there…that’s the fire, that’s the assurance, that’s the confidence, a sense of security, a sense of freedom when things fly high ..yet the balance is the true essence of being a woman” – Well!! that was long but yes, excellent thoughts! I did tell her that I’ll need a day to let this message to sink in.. I still have a few hours left

For me being a woman makes me feel the power . I’ve got control of so many things in life. It makes me feel strong, beautiful and sexy. – You go, girl! That’s short & crisp!

I feel proud to be a woman because a few things come naturally to women as compared to men. Like the power to empathize, the giving nature and a relatively high emotional quotient. Not that men do not have it… but it comes to women more naturally. The biggest blessing of being a woman is able to give birth. This is so unique that no man would ever be able to do it. My advice to women is that do not get into gender fights. No gender is superior or inferior. If you feel women are strong then don’t crave for mercies from men. Secondly.. do not wait for a single day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate every day. Be good, do good. Pamper urself. Love urself. Every single day!! – Nice. I liked the reference to the men made, well said. Another thing that women possess.. the right words – at the right time. Thank you for answering.

“…well I feel so proud being a woman … to be said its also pretty tough to be a woman”  something I guess, we guys could never even begin to understand.

That was a handful of responses I got to whom I sent out the question to.. thank you, girls/women, for your co-operation, it was wonderful to know your views.

We, men, will never understand what it means to be wooed, whistled or ogled at… and if we look at it at a more superficial level.. as Joey Tribianni puts it across in an episode of friends;

You know what blows my mind? Women can see breasts any time they want. You just look down and there they are. How you get any work done is beyond me. Beyond me too bro!

Mood swings to being the center of attraction, sexy-confident & vulnerable at the same time – wow! Facing pain with a smile on their face. We’d never know how they do it. I’m not sure if men really want to know too… guess we’re happy with the issues we have, that is if we can really call it issues.

As much as it took me a long time to compile this blog post, the longest one I’ve done till date I guess – but with women, things are bound to get extended. I enjoyed putting this together. It was fun. Hope you enjoy reading this, male, female irrespective.

So what did I learn from the little interactions I’ve had with all the above women…? I’m truly blessed to have so many friends who are girls, especially the one’s I’ve mentioned in this post. You women are simply super! …and also I’m happy being a guy, I’d do terrible as a girl – PERIOD!


A Pad, A Man & a whole country!


A Sanitary PAD


PADMAN – the movie release date of which is tomorrow 09.02.2018 and the whole nation is already going crazy.

AND I’m not sure if its because of the concept or for the actor or simply because it’s easy to see and not talk about it. We all know what the movie is about and everyone’s excited about it, men, women, children.. even Ravi Shastri (the Indian Men’s Cricket team coach) who is in South Africa at the moment seems to be interested/excited whatever!

And what’s this all about the PadMan challenge & clicking a pic with a sanitary pad to bring menstruation into the open – on social media?

India has gone bonkers! BIG TIME!

I read on Facebook yesterday that “Ravi Shastri tagged Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and tennis player Leander Paes to take the PadMan challenge” I had to research a little bit to find out, what the PadMan challenge was all about to know what it meant.

This is going way out of hand really! What’s the BIG deal?

Yes, we all know what menstruation is, we understand what women go through every month… what’s to bring out in the open? Akshay Kumar goes one step further saying; “Somewhere it is a man’s fault, and somewhere it is not entirely, because it is a subject like periods which was not discussed in our homes from the beginning….”

Now, what did we do? 

My question is:- Why is a country like India so obsessed with women-related issues? Be it Menstrual health/hygiene, mention-of-mothers at beauty pageants, women showing a bra strap, a women’s cleavage or simply what a woman’s choice is? Or even why Smriti Mandhana is so cute? 😝 (the last of which even intrigues me)

I will be going to watch the movie as it releases tomorrow and you can be sure to expect a post about what I thought of it. Pads, menstruation, periods or a simple pink underwear, whatever it may be, that they show in the film tomorrow.

I will have an opinion..and you’ll know what it is, RIGHT HERE on the extra..aaamile.

Pretty Secrets

logo  A jazzy name for a Lingerie store, I’d say. A venture run by a friend of mine and her sister together, the store deals with all women’s (if I may add fancy) innerwear. She, of course, invited all her friends and near and dear ones to visit..and why not, if each one of them could pick up even one item, the sisters would be more than happy. We all know how competitive female clothing rates can be nowadays.


2 months had passed when I visited the store, a couple of days back, when I happened to be passing by to go elsewhere, on returning back the same way, I decided to go in, unsure if was a good idea but finally gathered the courage to enter. Why courage you’d think? What courage would I need to enter a store? For starts, this wasn’t ANY store, this was a lingerie store, for women. I’ve never really entered into a store like that before, until that day of course and besides even if I did enter one before, I wouldn’t know what to do in one.

This is what you see from the outside if you visit today (minus the balloons of course)



Impressive! Definitely a lot of Pink.


Now let me tell you about Pretty Secrets, when a guy enters into a store like that… it suddenly feels like 3D in there, everything is right there staring at your face, whichever direction you look in – its there!



The view from the back


Now in normal circumstances, I would be really amused (I was, I really was…dazed to say the least) by the different colors, designs, shapes etc (as guys always are – guys go by sight) but I maintained a straight face well almost a straight face looking straight into the eyes of my friend while talking to her, looking nowhere else. Well, there was a fleeting moment when I was trying to recollect something and I shifted my gaze from her eyes to well…… a bulb on the wall.

As normal as any store owner would ask a potential customer who enters the store

“Why don’t you buy something for your girlfriend?”

Yeah right! I said to myself. I smiled (I think I did) technically I would have to have a girlfriend to buy something for her and besides nowadays gals like to buy their own stuff, at least when it comes to innerwear and besides it gets a little tough when it comes to sizes, you really can’t simply ask your girlfriend

“What’s your size honey?” that’s pretty rude…

and it’s not like the sizes nowadays come in numbers. Its all in X XL & XXL and cups which I understand very little about, so it’s basically Greek to me.

I never quite knew that women dress up so exotically from the inside too, I mean it’s all getting covered and no one actually sees the good stuff but then I could be wrong. Its more a mind thing I guess, girls dress to feel sexy if I am to believe. Talk of being spoilt for choice at Pretty secrets. The store owners (the 2 sisters) are pretty jazzy themselves.

I promised I’ll visit again, hopefully next time with company. What next? Maybe a beauty parlor? When is a friend of mine going to open a beauty parlor of her own?

Pretty secrets isn’t a secret anymore. The secret is out.

Step in for a change and come out feeling pretty from the inside. It’s a secret! 

P.S: I have not been paid for this advertisement.



‘Arrogance’ & Models

Does getting into a career like modelling make the model ‘automatically’ arrogant?

Are all models arrogant by default? [referring to female models]

Is it the arrogance, that leads to a career in modelling, or the other way round? Surely some women have exceptional-to-great bodies, they need to look all chic and elegant on well…almost a daily basis. But seriously, what’s the deal? At the end of the day – she’s still a human being, still a woman, a sister, a daughter..some cases even a wife. Or is it that the ‘arrogance part’ is only reserved when she is in the model avatar? Not sure!?

More than calling a model arrogant, I think it’s their photographers who are the real shit people in the background (to use the Indian word – the assholes). While some of them are extremely professional and really good at what they do, others (or as I call them road-side clickers) are just in for the fun – these would be the real assholes. I have come across at least a couple myself. I’m always of the impression, no specific photographer can make a model look good, it is the quality of the camera that does it and maybe a few words of encouragement, and that encouragement needn’t come specifically from the man behind a lens.

Having attended a fashion show just yesterday, at a college fest, the stuff that the models have to put up just to impress judges, from the walk, to the costume, oomph factor..and what not that goes on behind the scenes.. all this for what? – a few points, claps and whistles?

While I agree, getting into this industry is very glamorous, however I am not a great advocate of people parading up and down a ramp to show themselves off.

So, what made me go to see the fashion show yesterday at the college fest, you’d ask. I was told it had a theme and I’ve always loved activities which are theme based from theater to dances or a fashion show for that matter. The theme for the Fashion show was Zodiac Signs, with each student presenting one Zodiac sign and it was lovely to see the creativity that went into the costumes and depiction of each Zodiac sign, which impressed me the most.

You must also know..some time ago, I was instrumental in stopping one such Fashion show for an Institute, on the mere argument that “my students weren’t not objects to be paraded up a ramp with no direction, theme or anything of that sort” and moreover when you had the chief guest, a priest and the Institution was a catholic one.

A Goan’s word prevailed over a malyalee’s (both of us teaching, in-charge of different departments) where he said – so what? It’s only a fashion show ryt!? Only a fashion show!?? It’s never JUST a fashion show.

Making a difference..

We all know that the presence of a girl/woman in a man’s life, brings about a whole radical change to his world. It is almost like a man changes from cave man status to being a gentleman.

So what is it that a woman has, that brings about this change? While I think that men bring a lot of stability, Independence, protection and physical intimacy into to a relationship.
Women bring so much more..

Compassion along with Empathy: The many ups and downs in life that we have, there is no one better to be sitting alongside you at times like this. We are known not to ask for emotional help when we need it, but a woman understands and she’s there for you, even if you “think” you may not need her.
Who do we normally call when we have a problem? Mom, girlfriend, wife etc…? There you go! All women!

Beauty: Women are truly beautiful. Men work on the ‘sight’ principal and every ounce of a woman’s body radiates beauty, be it her eyes, her smile or simply the way she conducts herself. A woman has style that no man can ever match up to. (I seriously don’t know why I’m in this mood of praising women so much today, it’s not even women’s day 😎)

Ever entered a bachelor’s flat..let alone reach his bedroom, the hall itself will tell you a story. Women are able to add a “woman’s touch” to transform that space. They make a house, a home. They’ll bring in plants, paintings of flowers, pets and a lot of love. The man is no longer in-charge, the woman has taken over.

Support: A woman will always support her man, we need someone to tell us that we’re doing a good job and that we’re good at what we do (which they may be lying sometimes, but that still makes us feel good – so it works)
She has a suggestion to every problem, she’ll give you that extra push if needed and when you’ve done well…she’ll go ahead and celebrate it with you too.She puts YOU before herself..who does that nowadays?

A woman just knows what needs to be done..for example, today she needs to bake a cake or clean the closet or she’ll organize some stuff to keep it neater, so things can be found easier. Women make their partners feel special. There are so many more things that a woman brings into a relationship, into a man’s life that makes his life better, one can’t just simply restrict it to one blog post.

Why am I writing about this, a totally woman-centric post on MY blog? Maybe, its just a way to say a ‘ThankYou’ to each one of them who has made a difference in my life, I’ve had so many…in the form of friends, colleagues and some very special ones too. This one goes out to each and every one of them.






It is certainly not an easy thing to do for us guys because…there is no telling how a woman is going to react to a compliment.

She could..

            get angry

                       or  irritated

                                      maybe happy

                                                        or interested 

                                                                         or simply thankful

but one thing you can be rest assured, no matter how she reacts at that’ve made her heart smile..from your sister to your wife, every woman enjoys a compliment.


Girls be like this 


Knowing how to compliment a woman is important, especially if you’re trying to leave a lasting impression. After all it does show that you care enough to notice the woman on how nice she really is. Compliments aren’t always about physical appearance, however good or tempting they might seem

How does one know that a compliment is sincere? 

Let’s say, the very instant you lay eyes on her and the first thought that comes to your mind, as long as it’s not overly sexual, it’s definitely a truthful and sincere compliment. Of course these things cannot be planned before hand, one would have to go with the flow 🙂

Do women compliment each other? Men certainly don’t.. 😊


The BRIGHT RED lipstick

I’m not sure I understand why women apply dark RED lipstick on their lips… I don’t know about ‘it’ turning ON some men but it definitely turns me OFF

I’m sure there are lighter colors & shades out in the market, (pinks maybe) which look even better on a pair of lips. Isn’t it important how you carry lipstick on your lips rather than concentrating on its color? Of course, lighter the better 🙂

…and technically, doesn’t lipstick come in between the perfect kiss? I’m sure the guy doesn’t want to taste the girls lipstick instead of her lips. I might not have kissed many lips but I have kissed a few to know that…

a kiss on the lips without lipstick goes a long way to make your kiss a memorable one. 

Did you know that on an average, a woman actually eats 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Now that’s seriously ewwww!

There are surely better things to eat than lipstick ryt?

“Massage Services”

456        123

Yes, you read that right “Massage Services”. These kinds of ads have been appearing on the goan newspapers of late under the ‘Situations Vacant’. If not Sofiya or Jyoti, its Rashmi or Monica, the name doesn’t matter, its the service and the rate that is supposed to catch the eye.

The curious fellow that I am, I called one number up…some guy speaking hindi picks the call, the phone call goes like this:

Me: Hello &%#$ female Massage Service?

He Man: aap interested ho? (are you interested)

Me: Yes but I have questions

He: kya poochna hai (what do you have to ask?)

Me: (I switch to hindi): karna kya hai? (what has to be done?)

He: ladies ko service karna hai (you need to service ladies)
~ like ladies need servicing! I understood what he was trying to say..but wanted to play around ~

Me: service matlab (what do you mean by service)

He: bas sex karna hai aur usko satisfy karna hai (you just need to have sex and satisfy her)

Me: Aur woh satisfy nahi hua toh? (and what if she is not satisfied?)

He: Aap really interested ho? (are you really interested?)
~ he was getting fedup with the questions, tho’ I had not finished

He: Aap interested ho toh, aaj hi Rs. 1850 account mein baro. Mein sms se account no bhejta hoon. (If you are interested you need to deposit Rs 1850 in the account of which I will send the no to you thru sms)

He: paise kab daloge? (when will you deposit the money?)

Me: Give me 2 days, what type of women need servicing?

He: basically humare paas NRI hai jo husband bahar kaam karte hai (we basically have NRI’s whose husbands are working abroad)

He: What is your name?

Me: Jojo

He: Account mein paise milne se, ek ghante ke baad aapko call aayega aur cab aapko pick karne ke liye aayega aur aapka meter chalu ho jayega (On receiving the money, 1 hour later you will get a call and a cab will pick you up and from then on your meter (money) is running.

Me: ok!
~phone call cut~

I wonder what kind of people actually believe they can earn 18,000/- a day! …and that too servicing females? 

…and if you thought men were adventurous, women are right up there as well!




Sunday titbits..


Does anyone know where can I find these women? 😄😄

…the author of these words is unknown, else I would have asked him/her.  😉

Really wouldn’t mind the kiss ass driving 😉 the-love-sex 😚 and the not wanting-the-money-part 😂

Now, I’m actually looking forward to meeting such women!

Flavors of Life

Everything is flavored nowadays

..from Ice Cream to Milk to cigarettes, even Condoms! ..and I ask myself Condoms!? Like seriously!? Aren’t flavors used to make taste better? From where did the concept of flavoring condoms come from? 😐

I was at the super market yesterday, you know..looking around, buying the normal stuff. I came to the shaving section to purchase razor blades for myself, a shelf lower was the condom section..all the varieties possible. It wasn’t the condom boxes that caught my eye tho’, it was what was written on the box.

“Now in pineapple, coconut and Pina Colada flavour “

Fuck! Until now I only thought Pina Colada was a mocktail. I don’t even know what Pina Colada tastes like and here we have people doing other people with Pina Colada flavored gross is that!!?? It doesn’t end there…there’s a preference of colored or dotted 😄😄😄

Okayyyy!! I have a question..

Why would condom makers flavour their condoms? Does it make the sex more aromatic? besides being pleasurable…! I don’t know!

What can we expect next?r

I don’t use condoms…wait!that didn’t sound right.

I haven’t used a condom till date...wait!I know what you’re isn’t like that

Okay!..let me put it very blatantly  ‘I’ve not popped any cherries as yet’

A normal condom v/s a flavored one…I don’t quite see the difference. Maybe for those who’ve experienced the pleasure/aroma of love making may able to say more.

However to end, a question going out to females in general…

Which flavour do you prefer? I mean are going to be left with some aroma (after the act) there’s no denying that. It isn’t rocket science to figure that out!

Think about that condom for once, its got the worst job ever! After everything… it’s thrown into one corner!