Making a difference..

We all know that the presence of a girl/woman in a man’s life, brings about a whole radical change to his world. It is almost like a man changes from cave man status to being a gentleman. So what is it that a woman has, that brings about this change? While I think that men […]


It is certainly not an easy thing to do for us guys because…there is no telling how a woman is going to react to a compliment. She could..             get angry                        or  irritated             […]

The BRIGHT RED lipstick

I’m not sure I understand why women apply dark RED lipstick on their lips… I don’t know about ‘it’ turning ON some men but it definitely turns me OFF I’m sure there are lighter colors & shades out in the market, (pinks maybe) which look even better on a pair of lips. Isn’t it important how […]

“Massage Services”

        Yes, you read that right “Massage Services”. These kinds of ads have been appearing on the goan newspapers of late under the ‘Situations Vacant’. If not Sofiya or Jyoti, its Rashmi or Monica, the name doesn’t matter, its the service and the rate that is supposed to catch the eye. The […]

Sunday titbits..

Does anyone know where can I find these women? 😄😄 …the author of these words is unknown, else I would have asked him/her.  😉 Really wouldn’t mind the kiss ass driving 😉 the-love-sex 😚 and the not wanting-the-money-part 😂 Now, I’m actually looking forward to meeting such women!

Flavors of Life

Everything is flavored nowadays ..from Ice Cream to Milk to cigarettes, even Condoms! ..and I ask myself Condoms!? Like seriously!? Aren’t flavors used to make taste better? From where did the concept of flavoring condoms come from? 😐 I was at the super market yesterday, you know..looking around, buying the normal stuff. I came to […]

The accident

A woman and a man are involved in a car accident. It’s a bad one, caused by the woman’s reckless driving.Both of their cars are demolished but amazingly neither ofthem are hurt. After they crawl out of their cars. The woman says; “So, you’re a man, That’s interesting. I’m a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There’s […]

Crime Patrol Dial 100

Today afternoon I watched a couple of episodes, really really shocking stories. I wondered; How much of truth is there to these stories? * Are these REAL stories, shown through various episodes of Crime Patrol? OR * Are all these stories fictional, scripted and exaggerated ? Some stories shown, easily sends chills down ones spine. […]