I love my BLOG


If there has to be a place that I can call my own, apart from where I live, which of course is technically my dad’s (coz he bought  it), it’s here on ‘Goin’ the extra..aaamile – my blog’ in virtual space.
I’ve always been known to be someone very random and  not sticking by the RULES kind of person, my blog has turned out to be the same. You’ll find all sorts of things, mixed with pictures and the occasional video.
I used to maintain a dairy with stuff pasted on them, a few quotes and wordings and things that appealed to me but no-one got to see it. I named it “Pen Gems”. The idea of blogging came to when a friend suggested the same..and like I always do, it took me time to actually set out and create a blog and finally start posting.
Now here I am, very much comfortable on posting whatever comes to my mind..and for the wonderful readers than actually read what I write – you guys are truly special. Through my blog, I have a bigger family now – my fellow bloggers (who I still haven’t met in person) and for those anonymous readers who love to peek in once in a while without wanting to disclose their identities (yes! you too)
… it gives me my freedom to express, the thoughts I get..the things that I see..the stories around me that need to be told. There’s so much that I se and want to talk about – this is the platform, that gives me the chance. I can be myself here irrespective of what people have to say. I do it MY WAY.
…it keeps reaching out through me through my blogger friends. If I’ve not posted for a while, my blogger friends reach out to me to remind me that I need to get back.
This blog has given me my identity. People know I blog, maybe not in a big way but I still do. If not for my blog. I wouldn’t be a blogger. Simple. Now when you search me on the Internet, Google recognizes me. This is what you’ll see…
There are many more reasons why my blog will always be special..but all that on some other post, some other time. logoI might change my blog logo (in color) several times over the year, but the one that matters (THE ORIGINAL) will always remain.
Are ‘U’ a blogger too? What do U love about your blog? What’s your BLOG story? I’d love to know.

WordPress Love

Have you ever noticed after you’ve published a post, within the first 2-3 seconds fellow bloggers have READ, LIKED and COMMENTED on the post…I mean all in just 2-3 seconds. Even I take more than 15 seconds to read a post of this length.

What a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

This is what happened in 2 seconds after I posted my latest post

Good morning’s & ThankYou’s

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Am I just lucky to have such wonderful people here on WordPress 🙂 

Love to ALL <3


I married a WordPress Blogger

Dedicated to all female WordPress bloggers.. 🙂

I married a WordPress blogger,
as pretty as she can be,
She had a way with words, which quite fascinated me,
She said she loved me truly..she also said by heck..
If I ever catch you reading any other blog.. I’ll ring your lovely neck

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Sometimes to show affection she takes me on her lap,
and makes me read her blog..I feel my head go snap!
Sometimes she hugs and kisses me until I do the same..
Oh my goodness! I’m afraid if I don’t..she’ll make me read more.. plenty more of her blogs!

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Once we were invited to a fancy dressing ball,
she took along her laptop..she said she had to blog
She blogged through the music, I resisted the urge to sit
As she blogged through the night..I had no option but resist..
every pretty girl that wanted to do the twist

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Now, I think I’ve fallen for the prettier girl next door,
she’s skinny but I love her, like I never loved before
If Patricia happens to find out..no idea what she’ll do..
Maybe she’ll write a blog or two..Yes! that’s exactly what she’ll do.

I am now made famous on the numerous blogs she writes…
Everyone knows me..
I’m no more Henry..but the husband of the blogger
who always blogs about me!

I can take it no more..so I go..
to the prettier girl next door
She says “You’re Henry”
she knows my name..it makes me happy
“Can I do a V-log of the husband next door?” she asks

Not again! I said..

First B-log..now V-log,
I guess it’s time for me..

….to permanently LOG OUT!