A Year On…


…since I moved out from the WordPress platform to my own domain.

While that was a welcome change, a start right from scratch had to be made. Having blogged from the WordPress platform for 3 years before that, it helped me maintain the writing frequency that I cultivated over the years – while it took time initially for google to index my site, visitors were far in between but picked up in 5-6 months down the line.

Today, 1 year and 3 days later, life on my blog seems to have come back to normal, the odd comment here and there, the growing number of views and increasing no of followers. It can, however, do still better and I’m sure it will into its second year of existence.

A couple of things I have learned since moving out on my own (own domain)

*~* Visitors won’t find you unless you put your blog out there for people to notice

*~* People need a good enough reason to visit your site. Else they aren’t going to visit. Focus on content.

*~* People tend to not comment too much when a blog is hosted on a website (unlike a blogging platform where people don’t hesitate to comment) but you’ll still notice growth in the no of hits your website gets in a day. 

If you understand the above 3 points, your website will do just fine. That said, a website needs a whole lot more work (in terms of getting noticed by fellow bloggers – Indiblogger does well that way) A lot of people monetize their blog, write for companies, get paid and that’s how the blog pays for itself. I do nothing of that sort. I don’t prefer to. Blogging is something personal to me and I keep the commercialization aspect of it as far as I can. Maybe in a few years when I get a bit more famous and let my work speak for myself… I’d have a website which does that… but not this one, this one is special in more ways that one.

When you visit my blog (on the computer) the first thing you’ll see is.. a request which asks you “Can you turn on the light please”


only after which you enter my BLOG. The “Turn on the light thing” is something that has impressed many who have visited the site, and something I am eternally grateful to my cousin for getting it done, which if it was for real, I would have to pay a really high electricity bill every day.

My blog saw the light of day, thanks to my cousin. Cheers to him! And to those who visit the site, besides adding one number to the ‘website hits’, you become an integral part of the every growing family of the extra…aaamile.

The ‘blog post’ in the making


Looking at the blank page on the screen, to be soon filled up with my thoughts I have in my head.. I find myself all focused, “this one is going to be serious” I tell myself. After a couple of minutes a naughty thought crosses my mind..

Who am I kiddin’?.. I can’t write serious stuff.

Now, smiling with my tongue out, I begin typing, my fingers flirting ever so gently with the keys on the keyboard..its beginning to sound like music to my ears, a rhythm I am used to listening every time I have something to write about and find myself typing away, one key after the other. My mind is slowly drifting away from the real world and into a different one, the characters in my head are coming to life, the music is playing in the background, the sprinkling of rain drops and a strong breeze blowing across..

..and then I hear words from a distance, I can’t quite understand.. the words get clearer with every second and then very loud all of a sudden

“Close the windows, its raining” mom had been screaming for the past few seconds.

I was stunned! I knew I had to react.. I look up at her and then behind, I shut the window hurriedly. I come back and sit in front of my computer screen – the moment has clearly passed. The thoughts literally went down the drain along with the rain water.

I click on ‘save as draft’, hoping I can re-create that moment again sometime.

Apparently saving the bedroom from filling up with water was more important than my typing the blog post.

The story of my many incomplete posts, resting peacefully as notepad documents

Blogger or Writer?

Writing isn’t a piece of cake for everyone! Blogging however gives you that freedom to sense that pleasure of what it feels to eat that piece of cake and maybe try to bake yourself one with limited resources.

I am a blogger right? But then I write my blog posts.. so that makes me a writer? (if you look at it literally) or better still, I type my blog posts.. that makes me a type writer? [I know silly thought that! duh]

I BLOG hence I am a blogger BUT then isn’t writing and blogging physically the same thing? So maybe I’m a writer too then? Okay, I do not write professionally and stuff.. so that puts me more in the casual club of “Bloggers” where bloggers are casual people who basically express their opinions and thoughts on different topics on the contrary to “writers” who write from a more professional perspective..bah! Big Deal!

Potato, potahto – Tomato, tomahto .. whatever!!

That said..writers are boring (not all, most of them are..) bloggers on the other hand are so much cooler. One can associate with what bloggers write..their posts would always include a little something of themselves, maybe in the form of an emotion or a personal experience and that makes people connect to a blogger better than to a writer.

I’ve tried my hand at ‘writing’ or if I could call it that.. an article here and there (during my college days) on the local newspaper but I always knew if I was to write about something, it’s got to come from the Heart..and that’s why I enjoy blogging so much, there aren’t expectations, there isn’t pressure to deliver posts everyday and you get a chance to enjoy what you write, however silly it may be or sound to the reader. The odd grammar or writing mistake can be found..but that’s still okay.

At the rate blogs are being opened today, one thing is clear – everyone’s got an opinion about something or the other and under the shelter of a blogging platform, they can have their say, not worrying of too much of it catching the public eye. For everything written or said on main stream media is either judged, condemned or mis-understood.. and not everyone is up for that.

At least with blogging, you keep the ‘fun’ aspect of writing alive.. and you aren’t restricted to what topics you can write about..any topic under the sun is good enough to write about. You see something and you’re like….


I love my BLOG


If there has to be a place that I can call my own, apart from where I live, which of course is technically my dad’s (coz he bought  it), it’s here on ‘Goin’ the extra..aaamile – my blog’ in virtual space.
I’ve always been known to be someone very random and  not sticking by the RULES kind of person, my blog has turned out to be the same. You’ll find all sorts of things, mixed with pictures and the occasional video.
I used to maintain a dairy with stuff pasted on them, a few quotes and wordings and things that appealed to me but no-one got to see it. I named it “Pen Gems”. The idea of blogging came to when a friend suggested the same..and like I always do, it took me time to actually set out and create a blog and finally start posting.
Now here I am, very much comfortable on posting whatever comes to my mind..and for the wonderful readers than actually read what I write – you guys are truly special. Through my blog, I have a bigger family now – my fellow bloggers (who I still haven’t met in person) and for those anonymous readers who love to peek in once in a while without wanting to disclose their identities (yes! you too)
… it gives me my freedom to express, the thoughts I get..the things that I see..the stories around me that need to be told. There’s so much that I se and want to talk about – this is the platform, that gives me the chance. I can be myself here irrespective of what people have to say. I do it MY WAY.
…it keeps reaching out through me through my blogger friends. If I’ve not posted for a while, my blogger friends reach out to me to remind me that I need to get back.
This blog has given me my identity. People know I blog, maybe not in a big way but I still do. If not for my blog. I wouldn’t be a blogger. Simple. Now when you search me on the Internet, Google recognizes me. This is what you’ll see…
There are many more reasons why my blog will always be special..but all that on some other post, some other time. logoI might change my blog logo (in color) several times over the year, but the one that matters (THE ORIGINAL) will always remain.
Are ‘U’ a blogger too? What do U love about your blog? What’s your BLOG story? I’d love to know.

Let’s meet up! II

This was my first post regarding the meet up, which some of you must have read. However we were unable to move much further but for only coming up with a place (city) to have it in and a day to have it on.

Okay! So we have set the ball rolling from our side..we have around 20+ bloggers who are interested in meeting up. A little more co-operation from your side would definitely be helpful here. However, Aditi & myself haven’t been unable to move much further. Our next step is that in order to communicate better, we’d like to create a whatsapp group wherein we could discuss better on the what, which & how.

We have so far come to a finalization of only a ‘Place’ which is Mumbai city to have it in, since it is easily accessible from all directions and most probably the meet up day, which would be on a weekend, either Saturday or Sunday (when most working people/students are free) 
So please..please send in your numbers to either Aditi or me (who-ever you are more comfortable with) so we could take this to the next stage.

Aditi’s email address: aditi.r.ranade@gmail.com

Savio’s email address: saviopaz@gmail.com or you can whatsapp me directly on 9860781187

Looking forward to your co-operation.

Aditi, pls re-blog the same.


The 2016/17 tag

Time for a new tag from Jothish, its called the 2016/17 Tag. As some of you might know (if you didn’t, now you do) I am not the kind of person who “likes to look back” too much, so I’m gonna tweak this tag a bit.

A little about Jothish. This guy has a talent for writing. I like reading his posts because its simple to understand and very relatable in terms of his choice of topics he chooses to write about. Do visit his blog 🙂

Instead of answering the questions related to 2016, I’ll do something different.

What makes the 365 days so special that people like talking about it on the 366th or 367th day? Is one’s life judged upon how he performs or doesn’t perform in a slot of 365 days that we call a year?

Maybe at your work place – a yearly review is done. Let not your normal life fall in the same category. There are people who come into your life and those who walk out, its part of life – everything that happens has a reason, it was that kind of year too. The only people who matter, irrespective of time, situations or circumstances are my dad, mum & sis (my family) Living in Goa, has its own advantages, you’re never in ‘need’ of a holiday. It definitely wasn’t a year of travel but then again who needs to when you stay in Goa.

Every day teaches us something new, so on the 365th day, you are bound to have a lot of new lessons, I have learnt mine – who knows sometime, someplace, I will be able to put those lessons to use. That sums up the year gone by.

…and now for the questions on 2017 which I am glad to answer:

  • 3 good intentions for 2017
  1. To make a difference in someone’s life.
  2. To make something happen out of nothing 
  3. …I’m thinking 🙂
  • Place I want to visit in 2017

Visakhapatnam or Vizag (as they call it now) There’s someone special I wanna meet there 😉 You know who you are (if you’re reading this) 

  • Food I want to eat.

Ghar ka khana always but I really wouldn’t mind a dosa (who says a man won’t travel for free food) made by my friend from Vizag 😉 I call her my dosa girl (pssst: she’s a WordPress blogger)

I would like to nominate SashaCarolAnanya & Akshita.

The original set of questions are:

~ Describe 2016 in 3 words.
~ Two people who have characterized your 2016
~ Most beautiful place visited in 2016 and why?
~ Most delicious food I’ve had in 2016
~ Finest purchase in 2016
~ 3 good intentions for 2017
~ Place I want to visit in 2017
~ Food I want to eat.


Let’s meet up!

Ever wondered what will happen if a bunch of bloggers are stuck in a lift with the current out?

You’d think they’d blog about it right?  #BloggerInstincts

But then what if there’s no mobile signal available in the lift? 

The next best option then would be to talk to each other and get to know one another better right..and maybe by the time the current is back, you’ve made new friends.

Now Imagine this…

The same scenario, only this time, instead of a pokey lift, you’re in a much larger hall, surrounded with fellow bloggers with music, entertainment with lots to eat & drink.

Can you see yourself there? U can..? Excellent!! 🙂

Read further…

A fellow blogger and myself were flirting with the idea of having most/all of us [more the merrier] bloggers meet up under one roof for a day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of other cool things to do.

This however is only step 1 of what could lead to the day when we actually meet the good, better and the best of the blogging community here on WordPress 🙂 I’d love to get feedback of what you think. 

Where? (as in which state)… Mumbai? Bangalore? Goa? or other options?

When? (as in which month)…May? July-August? November? 

We’re still trying to work out the logistics. We know we can do it with ‘U’

For more details, click HERE. Aditi gives you more information 🙂

If you’ve read this post, we’d like you to comment and come up with suggestions (or if you wanna email me, u can do so on saviopaz@gmail.com)

If you’ve liked this post, you’re probably interested and you will surely leave a comment and for those who like, comment and re-blog, I already love you a little bit more. Let this post reach out to as many people as it can, for there’s nothing like.. more the merrier 🙂

Year in review: 2016

WordPress used to do this real cool thing at the end of the year, ‘WordPress Year in Review’. This time round, they didn’t do it..the Support forums confirmed it. Damn!! Anyways, tried to put up some of the stats myself, whatever of which I could gather.

Here is how Goin’  the extra..aaamile performed in 2016.

Views and Visitors:

11,135 visitors

Likes and Comments:


Most Popular Hour:

8:00 PM (7% of views)

Most Popular Day:

Monday (17% of views)

Total Posts (2016):


Top 5 Referring Sites in 2016:

1. WordPress Reader 2,296 views

2. Google Search: 1,092 views

3. Facebook 114 views

4. Twitter: 24 views

5. Android App: 24 views

Where Did My Visitors Come From (Top Eleven)


1. India: 9,999 visitors
2. United States: 4,669 visitors
3. United Kingdom: 535 visitors
4. Australia: 485 visitors
5. Germany: 410 visitors
6. Canada: 310 visitors
7. Philippines: 259 visitors
8. Spain: 256 visitors
9. France: 208 visitors
10. U.A.E: 206 visitors
11. Pakistan: 193 visitors

Top 5 People Commenting (not including me):

1. Aditi: 124 comments
2. Sasha: 60 comments
3. Pradita: 31 comments
4. Bloggeray (Ajit): 27 comments
5. Ananya Sharma: 24 comments each

~ A pretty satisfying year when I think of my blogging journey in 2016 ~

A big Thank you to everyone who has made this blog what it is and continues to visit and comment!

Savio.. in 2017


1000 up!

It was only yesterday that I wondered whether I’d reach the landmark of a 1000 WordPress followers in 2016 or in the new year of 2017. It didn’t take more than 3 hours to get the 3 followers to make it to a 1000.


I am Ecstatic to say the least, the same when I received my first 100 followers 🙂 Milestones are always important. Guess I need to go the extra mile and add another ‘a’ to my blog name.. It would look something like this… 

Goin’ the extraa..aaamile

…and as special as this means to me, here’s a special performance

with love..from me to you <3

My thank – you dance performance. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 


You think I dance well? Sexy no?


Much Love,

Savio 🙂



The nervous 990’s

That moment when you quickly get to the 90’s and then suddenly everything slows down…

2 days to go for a New Year, 3 numbers to go to get to a 1000 followers on Goin’ the extra..aaamile

Which one do you think will happen first? Now standing at 997 amazing followers to date.