Does a follow on WordPress warrant a follow back? Just wondering 🤔 I’ve just hit 50 followers today on (that’s in addition to the 1.5k following me back on the WordPress platform) so yes, people do read my stuff, which is always good to know. But one thing that concerns me is that ‘Do people follow my […]

A Year On…

…since I moved out from the WordPress platform to my own domain. While that was a welcome change, a start right from scratch had to be made. Having blogged from the WordPress platform for 3 years before that, it helped me maintain the writing frequency that I cultivated over the years – while it took […]

Blogger or Writer?

Writing isn’t a piece of cake for everyone! Blogging however gives you that freedom to sense that pleasure of what it feels to eat that piece of cake and maybe try to bake yourself one with limited resources. I am a blogger right? But then I write my blog posts.. so that makes me a […]

I love my BLOG

If there has to be a place that I can call my own, apart from where I live, which of course is technically my dad’s (coz he bought  it), it’s here on ‘Goin’ the extra..aaamile – my blog’ in virtual space. I’ve always been known to be someone very random and  not sticking by the […]

The 2016/17 tag

Time for a new tag from Jothish, its called the 2016/17 Tag. As some of you might know (if you didn’t, now you do) I am not the kind of person who “likes to look back” too much, so I’m gonna tweak this tag a bit. A little about Jothish. This guy has a talent […]

Let’s meet up!

Ever wondered what will happen if a bunch of bloggers are stuck in a lift with the current out? You’d think they’d blog about it right?  #BloggerInstincts But then what if there’s no mobile signal available in the lift?  The next best option then would be to talk to each other and get to know […]

Year in review: 2016

WordPress used to do this real cool thing at the end of the year, ‘WordPress Year in Review’. This time round, they didn’t do it..the Support forums confirmed it. Damn!! Anyways, tried to put up some of the stats myself, whatever of which I could gather. Here is how Goin’  the extra..aaamile performed in 2016. Views […]

1000 up!

It was only yesterday that I wondered whether I’d reach the landmark of a 1000 WordPress followers in 2016 or in the new year of 2017. It didn’t take more than 3 hours to get the 3 followers to make it to a 1000. I am Ecstatic to say the least, the same when I […]