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Was just going through my WP stats and on 24th October, I had NO VIEWS from India. I mean how can this happen? My own country betrayed me…not even one freakin’ viewer from over a billion people!? This has never happened and to top that, I only had 13 views that day (my lowest ever)


I’ve had my WordPress low days, but 13 is a bit too less no? There had to be surely something wrong that day. Yes! maybe the WP servers were down that day in India, that could be the only explanation 😉

I don’t know if a small thing like this deserved a full blown post..I tend to do things like these once in a while, when I have nothing else better to do 🙂

Have a good Tues-day people and an excellent start to the month of November 🙂

Password Protected Posts – WordPress

I’m sure all of us are aware of ‘the password-protected posts option’ available on WordPress.

I’ve used it for the first time on the post ‘The Single Journey’ below. 

Why you ask?..let me get to the very reason why I created this blog, it was to connect to people I didn’t know, it was to make friends I never knew existed, it was to be an outlet to express what I couldn’t otherwise do with the people around me.

This blog is now being read by those very people I don’t want it to be read by.

My password protected posts can be accessed surely. If you wish to read them, send me an email on saviopaz@gmail.com. I’ll be only too glad to give you the password.


Savio (Goin the extra..aaamile) 


WordPress Love

Have you ever noticed after you’ve published a post, within the first 2-3 seconds fellow bloggers have READ, LIKED and COMMENTED on the post…I mean all in just 2-3 seconds. Even I take more than 15 seconds to read a post of this length.

What a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

This is what happened in 2 seconds after I posted my latest post

Good morning’s & ThankYou’s

4 Views       5 Likes        2 Comments

Am I just lucky to have such wonderful people here on WordPress 🙂 

Love to ALL <3


The Handwriting TAG

  This tag has been doing the rounds on WordPress, so I thought I’d do it …so here goes

What do you need to do? You need to write the following [On Paper] take a pic of it and upload the same here – on this post. Simple! Nominate the bloggers you’d like to do the same on your post here.

1. Write your name
2. Write your blog url
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
4. What are you writing with?
5. Draw your favorite emoticon
6. Write a silly message
7. Write who you want to tag 🙂


So what do you think of my handwriting? Please ignore the lame attempt at drawing  tho’ 😉 I mean seriously, the best I can draw is a coconut tree 🙂 I draw really good coconut trees 🙂

My nominations are:

CarolDeboleeeeeenaAnanyaAditiRiyaMadhavi and Anaida




I married a WordPress Blogger

Dedicated to all female WordPress bloggers.. 🙂

I married a WordPress blogger,
as pretty as she can be,
She had a way with words, which quite fascinated me,
She said she loved me truly..she also said by heck..
If I ever catch you reading any other blog.. I’ll ring your lovely neck

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Sometimes to show affection she takes me on her lap,
and makes me read her blog..I feel my head go snap!
Sometimes she hugs and kisses me until I do the same..
Oh my goodness! I’m afraid if I don’t..she’ll make me read more.. plenty more of her blogs!

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Once we were invited to a fancy dressing ball,
she took along her laptop..she said she had to blog
She blogged through the music, I resisted the urge to sit
As she blogged through the night..I had no option but resist..
every pretty girl that wanted to do the twist

Aie aie yo, what shall I do, how do I save my skin..I married a WordPress blogger and look at the mess I’m in

Now, I think I’ve fallen for the prettier girl next door,
she’s skinny but I love her, like I never loved before
If Patricia happens to find out..no idea what she’ll do..
Maybe she’ll write a blog or two..Yes! that’s exactly what she’ll do.

I am now made famous on the numerous blogs she writes…
Everyone knows me..
I’m no more Henry..but the husband of the blogger
who always blogs about me!

I can take it no more..so I go..
to the prettier girl next door
She says “You’re Henry”
she knows my name..it makes me happy
“Can I do a V-log of the husband next door?” she asks

Not again! I said..

First B-log..now V-log,
I guess it’s time for me..

….to permanently LOG OUT!

500 up!

My Dear Followers,

I believe I can never be too thankful for all of you who take time to read my posts. Sometimes I ramble on about things in my head and other times there are things that just need to be said. I am way too expressive for my own good! Sometimes, I just wish I knew where to stop.

530 posts and counting… Guess I’ve had lots to say, haven’t I? 

For the 504 of “YOU” who now follow my blog, you guys are amazing! If ever I get a chance to meet even 10% of the 500+ followers on WordPress in the real world, I will consider myself blessed. 

Thank You,

Now at 504..and counting 🙂


Savio Paes (Goin’ the extra..aamile)

In & Out of WordPress

Apologies to all my 487 followers on ‘theextraaamile’. Besides being irregular with my posts, personally speaking, its been one HELL of a month!! So much has happened…I sometimes wonder if it is even WORTH blogging about it!
I have had some new bloggers follow me but I am unable to visit their blogs, let alone follow them back. I will…hopefully as soon as I can make some time from the situation I find myself in.

If there has been anything that has kept me going is the fact that I know come what may…I have my family back in Goa that will support me and as far as being alone in a ‘very strange’ place, God has been kind and kept me safe till date, which I am eternally grateful for.

Keep me in your prayers guys! The going is tuff…I hope to come out of it…victorious or not, isn’t really what I care about…but more importantly Safe & Sound.

Other than all the madness going on around me, the weather has been keeping me cool… and well, thanks to my unlimited mobile data plan on my phone, I am connected to all you wonderful bloggers at all times. I may not have visited many blogs in the past month or so, but I have surely read most of the blog posts showing up on my reader.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.
Thinking about tomorrow…6 periods back-to-back out of 8 periods. Teaching can be tough when you have that many classes you have to go to in 1 day. Oh! How I hate ‘the Wednesday!’

5 years on WordPress

I got this like a couple of days ago…


That’s me on WordPress for 5 years! Wow, time does fly! 

This is why WordPress is soooo cool…for reminding us on our small achievements, it makes our blogging journey so very personal and enjoyable.

522 posts (including this one) 15,000+ views, 473 followers.

Life’s seriously good on WordPress!

Cheers to all…! Life’s good…virtually i.e 😉