Go Girls!

“Be it life, career or a simple thing like your blog, there’s ALWAYS a Female or many Females behind its success” – Savio Paes  I’m not kidding! 90% of the comments I get on my blog are from females 🙂 I have more females than males following my BLOG – which makes me really happy  Like […]

WP stats

Was just going through my WP stats and on 24th October, I had NO VIEWS from India. I mean how can this happen? My own country betrayed me…not even one freakin’ viewer from over a billion people!? This has never happened and to top that, I only had 13 views that day (my lowest ever) I’ve […]

WordPress Love

Have you ever noticed after you’ve published a post, within the first 2-3 seconds fellow bloggers have READ, LIKED and COMMENTED on the post…I mean all in just 2-3 seconds. Even I take more than 15 seconds to read a post of this length. What a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? This is what happened in 2 […]

The Handwriting TAG

  This tag has been doing the rounds on WordPress, so I thought I’d do it …so here goes What do you need to do? You need to write the following [On Paper] take a pic of it and upload the same here – on this post. Simple! Nominate the bloggers you’d like to do the […]

I married a WordPress Blogger

Dedicated to all female WordPress bloggers.. 🙂 I married a WordPress blogger, as pretty as she can be, She had a way with words, which quite fascinated me, She said she loved me truly..she also said by heck.. If I ever catch you reading any other blog.. I’ll ring your lovely neck Aie aie yo, […]

500 up!

My Dear Followers, I believe I can never be too thankful for all of you who take time to read my posts. Sometimes I ramble on about things in my head and other times there are things that just need to be said. I am way too expressive for my own good! Sometimes, I just wish […]

In & Out of WordPress

Apologies to all my 487 followers on ‘theextraaamile’. Besides being irregular with my posts, personally speaking, its been one HELL of a month!! So much has happened…I sometimes wonder if it is even WORTH blogging about it! I have had some new bloggers follow me but I am unable to visit their blogs, let alone […]