West Indies – CHAMPIONS

You have got to love the way the West Indians play their cricket. They go out there and they play with absolute freedom, flair and express themselves the way they know best.. Start of the 20th over and I was a little sad that West Indies might just have run out of steam to cross […]

Inching closer…Semi Finals

India Kohlifies for the semis !!!!!! India did it! Well actually Virat Kohli did it!! Semi-Final time now…! I would have to say that at one point I was worried with Yuvraj Singh at the crease, India wasn’t getting anywhere but then the brilliance of Virat Kohli… everything else is forgotten! Next up..West INDIES. The […]

Team INDIA..stay afloat! #WT20

Brett Lee had predicted MID SHOW…“India will win..only just” …oh boy!! …and didn’t India win by only JUST!!! I can hear people burning firecrackers outside..and we’ve only defeated Bangladesh in the Super 10’s!! What a match!!  I’m just too excited to even type out this blog post! OMG!! Yay!!  Yes!!Yes!!Yes!! India just manages to stay […]