“Despacito” – taking it slow!


“Despacito” is clearly the song of the year or the millennium I don’t know. People are absolutely going ga-ga over it. I just checked on Google and I found out that the song has become the most-viewed video in YouTube history. (4.6 billion streams and counting..) Wow! So there must be something to this despacito thingy..

So I go to YouTube (like the 4.6 billionth and 1st person) and play the video ..and I immediately take a liking to it, I love the tune and the lyrics (most of which I do not understand of course) I go to the translation in English and whoa..!

The lyrics are raunchy to say the least.. to an extent that the song was banned by the Malaysian government because of its ‘obscene’ lyrics. Haven’t the people in the Indian government heard the song as yet? Or  has it already been banned in India? 

India invented the ‘Ban’, ban this.. ban that..so I wouldn’t be surprised if they extend their ban to this song too.

Personally, I don’t see what is so obscene in the lyrics, ..yeah okay it does have the odd line or two which make you go ‘Oh my lanta! but it is still a song, treat is as one for its entertainment value and enjoy it!

Some of the lyrics which are

I want to undress you in kisses slowly…

Let me trespass your danger zones..

You’d think it’d be a good song to be playing on loop while making love.. especially if you’re imagining the English lyrics in your head while you’re at it.. Luis Fonsi says it is a sexy song and ‘despacito’ means slow in English, so I guess the logical explanation to the song is “to take it slow while doing it..”


A YouTube ‘Sensation’

What does it take to be a YouTube sensation?

I’m not sure..but it seems people like Vidya Iyer knows (Youtube channel Vidya Vox)..by remixing music, a few extra beats and adding a little English to a Hindi song and vice versa, she’s now a YouTube Sensation! If that is what takes for a person to become a YouTube sensation – God bless this generation, for appreciating such talent. No doubt she’s got a good voice, why not compose your own music and sing..why remix a song and that too make it multi-lingual?

Have you heard her music? Why damage a perfectly good song and convert it into something rubbish? People who have liked her music apparently haven’t heard songs of the 80’s and 90’s, now those were songs – Oh wait! She might take those songs and convert them into some rubbish tune as well.

Ms. Vidya Iyer, please don’t do that! Leave the good old songs alone at least…

Who does she think she is..the Indian version of Samantha Fox? Vidya Vox?

Vidya Vox

That way, Shirley Setia (another YouTube Sensation) is way so much cooler and a much better singer according to me. Click HERE to go to her YouTube channel.


Time for us, B-loggers to take the step up and become V-loggers..what say?

The French connection

Of late I have been listening to french music on YouTube, it really does not make any sense to me coz I don’t understand the language.. but there’s something about their music that is soooooooooo good! gets me on a high kinda 🙂 I don’t know if its the singer or the beat of the song.

I might have learnt French as a subject in school but I can’t really go far in conversation in french other than parlez-vous français which means do you know french (asking such a question in France would be plain stupid) and je t’aime which means I love you (now this could be useful in France). French by far is the sexiest language I have attempted to speak, the very little knowledge I have of it 🙂 I was pretty good in grammar tho’. Yes, I said ‘was’, don’t think of quizzing me now! 😀
I would shamelessly have to admit that I miraculously passed French in my 10th board exams, this would have been only be possible because of my better understanding of french grammar. Must have scored the marks there! ..and I did write a little note at the end of the answer sheet too..

Coming to the music..
I’m gonna share with you all 3 videos, 3 different french artists..all female 🙂 tell me what you think about the music..the beat..or the singer, coz seriously..french girls are just..what can I say! Soooooooooo goooooooooood!!

  1. Alizée – French singer, dancer and voice actress. She’s 31 now but she sang this song when she was just 16. Boy, was she pretty then! [check out the red fish on her butt 😀 ] Do you know what J’en Ai Marre means in English? It means I am fedup. See how sexy it sounds in French?


2. Vanessa Paradis – Another early bloomer in her singing career. She sang this song Joe le Taxi when she was 15. What a talent, equally beautiful song. Little kitten they called her. She’s 43 now


3.  Lolita Jolie, no idea who she really is. Wait…google says she’s a German singer of Polish descent. She sings in French with a German accent. Found her music when browsing thru YouTube. Liked the beat to this song..tho’ not too much in terms of lyrics, makes for easy singing 🙂

I don’t know why she keeps saying ‘ I just wanna dance’ isn’t that what she’s doing? duh!


au revoir 🙂 [ showing off my little knowlege of French 😀