The 2 word Prayer


something as simple as 2 words – to sit and write down all the things you are thankful for… I started writing a few, this is how my list would begin…and I have only started

I am thankful for…

my loving family
good friends
the house I live in
the car I travel in
the people I meet everyday
the air I breathe
the food I eat

…with many more to add


8 thoughts on “The 2 word Prayer

  1. Hello, not sure how you did it; and I love it. Music started as soon as I hit your page. Thought I’d stay and relax awhile, reading. Beautiful that you point the way to Jesus Christ, the best friend in thick and thin. >ToLife<

    • thank You for visiting. About the music, its a widget on WordPress that I use in sync with soundcloud and music is played automatically as anyone hits the page. Glad u liked it, I normally change the music, Its sax now, maybe piano or the cha cha or well depending on what my mind thinks of at that specific moment 🙂

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