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A few random facts about ‘Yours Truly

  • I am a January baby. 9 days into a new year and I turn 1 year younger (Yes, younger)
  • I love my name ‘Savio’ …in Italian it means clever or bright.
  • I know the inside outside of computer software but WordPress customization is another story! Phew!
  • I say a lot of ‘Maybe’s’ which will eventually be a ‘Yes’. If I say ‘No’ it stands.
  • If shaking=dancing, then I danced as a kid…Now is a different story. I have 2 left feet. I know it’s BAD
  • I love romance films, songs, words…basically everything that has a little <3 put into it.
  • This might get me in trouble…but Girls are my biggest weakness.
  • I’m not a crowd follower, I will walk the other direction and see where it leads me
  • I can count the number of true friends that I have. Right now the count is 3
  • I can spend countless hours organizing and re-organizing things so that it looks like the way I want. Come and see the living room, it is never the same, the furniture will keep moving around, I am responsible 4 tat.
  • Besides knowing the spelling of Alcohol, I have no idea what it tastes like. Is Wine alcohol…? Then damn! Besides wine, I am a non-alcoholic
  • Never smoked a cigarette and don’t intend to.
  • I don’t use bad language. I’d have to be extremely pissed off to do so…which normally I’m not.
  • I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.
  • I’m still single and I do not know why? I can’t believe it myself!!
  • Google is like a life saver.
  • The first thing that attracts me in a woman is her eyes, I know that is the gateway to her <3
  • Tho’ that does not stop me looking everywhere else. I’m not a butt guy, I don’t like big butts :p but cute butts definitely.
  • Writing comes naturally to me
  • If you know who Arnab Goswami is… yes him. I hate that Guy…like seriously
  • I cannot understand the term ‘selfie’ and how people can take excessive no of selfies.
  • Natural poses photography is the best. You want to take my picture its gotta be without telling me
  • I tend to write mad stuff about myself sometimes, like what I am doing right now
  • I used to ask a lot of questions when I was a kid, the no’ of questions I ask now are very minimal.
  • I can go on with this…but I think I’ll stop. It won’t be fun when we meet if you know everything about me.

You’re just a click away from me @ I’m so curious to know about you as well 

90 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. We share a lot of common stuff!! Be it selfies, natural poses, Google, bad language, cigarettes, etc.

    Glad to have come across your blog! 🙂

  2. oh yeah! haha..i told u there’s lot more in common..
    >>I love romance films, songs, words…basically everything that has a little >I can count the number of true friends that I have. Right now the count is 3
    >>I’m still single and I do not know why? I can’t believe it myself!!
    >>Google is like a life saver.
    >>Writing comes naturally to me
    >>I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.
    Need I say

  3. Yo Savio!! Dunno why but I felt like saying that when I read your ‘About’…hehe
    Are you sure you aren’t my long lost brother?? We have sooooo much in common! Except the swearing bit [Sorry! :P] and boy instead of girl. I love your blog….and definitely would like to read more from you.

  4. Now, finally I find someone who keeps reorganizing stuff around – again and again. I love that – and just do it sometimes coz I want to do it. My kitchen especially. You will find the pots where the pans were earlier – and yes, inspite of a modular kitchen. How do I manage? No idea.

  5. You’re a lot into names, huh, Savio? Sure about that after reading the very second point itself. Jokes apart, describing one own self ain’t an easy thing but look at you: You did a great job. ☺

  6. Hi Savio!Really funny& unique facts about you. I smiled at screen on reading some if them!We have some common facts like even i see eyes if a person when i meet them for the first time, even i feel that google is our life saver,and i too love romantic films,books,songs,words,I hate the smell of a cigarette and i won’t even stand beside people who smokes…the list goes on..anyway really nice to meet you.I can sense that you are even a straight forward person as me,Looking forward to read more of your writings.Gonna follow you😊

      1. Ha ha.. thanks for the follow and your name is too different you are so lucky that you are from Goa.. it’s all about Sand,water and the nature’s assets.I have never been to Goa ,but i would love to bcoz I’m a nature lover😊Even I’m straight forward …i hate to try as someone else or act! Anyway pleasure to meet you.. let’s stay in touch😊Happy blogging and have a good day😊

          1. Yes, I got that from one of your q&a awards 🙂 I wouldn’t mind just sitting opposite you and looking at you enjoy yourself. Might look into your eyes too 😉 they tell stories..these eyes are dangerous things I tell you 😉

          2. Oh yeah!I wouldn’t mind is someone enjoys by just looking at how i eat😉n people says that my eyes speaks a lot and i have big eyes too😊

  7. Hello!
    Finally! I found my kumbh mele mein bichade hue bhai! 😀 just joking! We have a lot in common. First, our mother tongue! I speak Konkani too ( you do too, right?. I am not a goan though. Nature lover yes, but I like to be behind the camera lens. Total number of true friends – 2 ( 2/3 does it matter?) My name starts with S too.. And Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means freaking awesome. Better than intelligent no? 😉 Writing comes naturally to me too, and so does quirky humor and nonsensical stuff.
    Nice meeting you!

    1. Same here bud. I do speak Konkani but not too well, u see I’ve been brought up in a family that always spoke in English. I can understand a little konkani and speak ever less 😉 but manageable. Hope to have a long association. You must be from Mangalore? They speak konkani there too..or neighboring Goa somewhere?

        1. Always a pleasure to meet a new blogger and especially if they have something in common with you 🙂 Rekha right!? Good to meet you..Savio here. Just over your site now, looking around. Not sure if I’ve come across it before because it sounds so familiar 🙂

          1. yep 😀 Rekha it is.
            Sounds familiar? I did post something about Goa, photographs mainly, few months ago. May be you visited my blog back then? Or came across my blog through a fellow blogger’s post? We do have few common bloggers, that is how I came across yours. 🙂

          2. I am going to look a little deeper, now that you and I have made contact. Always feels ‘that much more special’ when you connect with the blogger than just his/her blog. At least I see it that way 🙂

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