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A few random facts about ‘Yours Truly

  • I am a January baby. 9 days into a new year and I turn 1 year younger (Yes, younger)
  • I love my name ‘Savio’ …in Italian it means clever or bright.
  • I know the inside outside of computer software but WordPress customization is another story! Phew!
  • I say a lot of ‘Maybe’s’ which will eventually be a ‘Yes’. If I say ‘No’ it stands.
  • If shaking=dancing, then I danced as a kid…Now is a different story. I have 2 left feet. I know it’s BAD
  • I love romance films, songs, words…basically everything that has a little <3 put into it.
  • This might get me in trouble…but Girls are my biggest weakness.
  • I’m not a crowd follower, I will walk the other direction and see where it leads me
  • I can count the number of true friends that I have. Right now the count is 3
  • I can spend countless hours organizing and re-organizing things so that it looks like the way I want. Come and see the living room, it is never the same, the furniture will keep moving around, I am responsible 4 tat.
  • Besides knowing the spelling of Alcohol, I have no idea what it tastes like. Is Wine alcohol…? Then damn! Besides wine, I am a non-alcoholic
  • Never smoked a cigarette and don’t intend to.
  • I don’t use bad language. I’d have to be extremely pissed off to do so…which normally I’m not.
  • I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.
  • I’m still single and I do not know why? I can’t believe it myself!!
  • Google is like a life saver.
  • The first thing that attracts me in a woman is her eyes, I know that is the gateway to her <3
  • Tho’ that does not stop me looking everywhere else. I’m not a butt guy, I don’t like big butts :p but cute butts definitely.
  • Writing comes naturally to me
  • If you know who Arnab Goswami is… yes him. I hate that Guy…like seriously
  • I cannot understand the term ‘selfie’ and how people can take excessive no of selfies.
  • Natural poses photography is the best. You want to take my picture its gotta be without telling me
  • I tend to write mad stuff about myself sometimes, like what I am doing right now
  • I used to ask a lot of questions when I was a kid, the no’ of questions I ask now are very minimal.
  • I can go on with this…but I think I’ll stop. It won’t be fun when we meet if you know everything about me.

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